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Donovan Seidle

Music Production


Interactive Media

Who I Am



Explorer, Creator, Audio Nerd

A bit about me:  I am an interactive audio provider based in Calgary, Alberta Canada.  I have worked in music performance and production for most of my life, and as Assistant Concertmaster of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, I perform regularly.  I've explored jazz, blues, fiddling and noise-rock in addition to  the more typical orchestral, chamber and solo ventures.

But the process of creation enthrals me, especially as part of a larger presentation - so my writing & designing work as part of large scale production shows like the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games Ceremonies, fireworks competition shows, films, commercials and interactive mediums like video games, VR and AR, exist alongside my concert-stage writing work.

The possibilities for high quality interactive music are compelling and exciting to me - and every project I work on is its own creative adventure!


What I Do




I create the audio according to your design and description.  When, where and how are the engaging music and sound effects needed?

I design sound and create music for trailers, cutscenes, cinematics, and interactive play - with transitions to and from every game state.

Writing music that supports the journey

Music tells a story and guides our imaginations.  Does it follow a linear path?  Does it change and weave with the action? 

Am I arranging a full symphony orchestra behind a rock band?  Are we designing original music for fireworks, a live production show, the concert stage, or an interactive user-guided experience?


Let's explore the possibilities together.  

World building through asset creation

I support your product with custom music and sound effects that support your design vision. 

What does it sound like?  What feeling do you want to instil in your audience?

Let's create the perfect audio complement to your production.


What interactive middleware systems shall we use to implement the audio (Wwise, FMOD, Elias or Fabric) within your chosen game engine?  I make sure all sound assets are mixed and mastered; ready to be tweaked in the middleware.

I am versed in Wwise, FMOD, and more.

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